I am not the traditional college student. I graduated from high school almost 14 years ago and am now completing my bachelor’s degree. I have taken many detours and overcame life-changing obstacles on my journey. I have learned a lot about myself, how the world works, and dove deep into the spiritual side of the mind-body connection. Now, I am ready to learn the scientific side of this connection to help others heal themselves.

I believe there is a strong correlation between the mind and the body that is grossly overlooked in the diagnosis and treatment process in western medicine today. I have personally experienced this oversight during my own 19-year journey with chronic illness, seeing many specialists, including Neurologists, across the country. My intrigue inspired me to dig deeper into how to heal the mind so it can heal the body. Having a background in medicine and a passion for holistic health, I turned to the modality I use most, EFT.

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is a tapping protocol that applies self-acupressure on specific pressure points correlated to organs in your body. While speaking about your feeling and tapping simultaneously, these trapped emotions are energetically released from your body, leaving only the memory. These trapped emotions can cause havoc on your organs and overall health. Once these emotions are released, your body can instinctively heal itself. This modality can be used on any memory, limiting belief, or emotion. I choose to specialize in creating homeostasis in the body, due to my own journey with chronic health issues.

Having been introduced to EFT in 2012, it would take me many years to gain the confidence I needed to help myself and others with this modality. I still had many lessons to learn and work to complete. In 2014, I ventured down the road of entrepreneurship, opening a holistic medical spa that focused on improving the outer appearance while nurturing the inner-self. I invested my time and resources into growing my business. I read every book on business, goal setting, and money and was drawn to authors who used a strategic approach mixed with mindset and the law of attraction, a full body encompassment to positively attract your goals. I hired coaches and mentors to support growing my business at an exponential rate. I had no problem reaching my next goal when I set my mind to it.

On October 25, 2017, I underwent surgery to correct my need for glasses. The surgery had complications and I lost 80% of the vision in my right eye. Despite my best efforts, I was forced to close my business while I underwent 9 surgeries to restore partial vision. This time off allowed me to soul search and to find what I was truly meant to do with my life: help others with chronic illness.

During my time off, I searched deeper into the mind-body connection, listening to over 100 audiobooks on this topic. I realized that I could use EFT to help alleviate the psychosomatic symptoms in chronic illness patients by reverse-engineering the diagnosis process to reach the root cause. Most chronic illnesses, such as fibromyalgia and anxiety, do not have a physical cause, but many have an emotional one. EFT is a gentle way to reach these subconscious memories and release the emotions responsible for physical symptoms.

Once I came to this realization, I felt as though the universe was supporting my idea and my life began moving at turbo speed. I pitched my idea to MIT and Harvard Medical School, which accepted me into their inaugural class for Healthcare Innovation. I spent the next three months preparing for this one-week intensive bootcamp in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The bootcamp was an amazing experience I shared with 87 brilliant healthcare professionals from around the world. Ultimately, the bootcamp encouraged me to go back to college where I can begin research.

Extensive research on EFT is currently being conducted in Australia but is still new and underdeveloped in the United States. I would like to begin research on this modality to measure the energy shifts in the body and the brain. By focusing my undergraduate degree on neuroscience, I will be able to better understand the basic scientific aspects of the mind-body connection. Neuroscience combines the field of biology, psychology, physics, and philosophy, which connects with and supports my healing protocol.

The information I learn at Temple University will lay the foundation for graduate school and a PhD program. With hard work and determination, I will be able to complete this research to scientifically prove that self-acupressure can release emotions and help heal the body; bridging the gap between eastern and western medicine as well as physical science and quantum physics.

Please consider me as a candidate for your Neuroscience program to help support my mission of helping people heal themselves.

It is essential to express your truth even at the risk of standing out.” Angela Hartfield


Improving patient care for those suffering from chronic illness!


I was recently selected to the inaugural class for Healthcare Innovation jointly held by MIT and Harvard Medical School!

Yes, you read that correctly…I, Chelsea Sposit, was selected as 1 of 70 medical entrepreneurs to venture over to Cambridge, Massachusetts this August to study along side some of the most brilliant minds in the world at MIT and Harvard Medical School!

Why this is such a HUGE deal:

1. ONLY 70 students were selected out of thousands of international applicants!

2. It’s MIT and Harvard Medical School…hello prestige!

3. This is the FIRST TIME EVER these schools are teaming up for a bootcamp!

4. This is the FIRST bootcamp of its kind: Healthcare Innovation!

5. I will be a part of History in the Making! (see above, FIRST EVER!)

6. I have been given the OPPORTUNITY to work alongside some of the most brilliant professors, entrepreneurs, and students IN THE WORLD!

7. Did I mention that they chose ME out of THOUSANDS of applicants?!

What is this program all about?

MIT and Harvard Medical School have teamed up for the first time to bring 70 of the most brilliant medical professionals from around the globe to this Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp. This intensive program focuses on the latest innovations in technology, patient care, and cutting edge science to not only disrupt and improve healthcare as we know it here in the States, but to bring basic medical care to those in need around the world!

To learn more about the program please visit MIT Bootcamps.

Why MIT and Harvard Medical School said, “I DO!”

I’d like to think that my good looks and charm got me in! But…when it comes to such prestigious institutions such as MIT and Harvard, there’s a few other qualities that help:

– Intelligence

– Creativity

– Perseverance

– Drive

– Gumption

And not to mention…a KICK ASS business proposal!

During the rigorous interview process, to which at one point I had a WHOLE TWO MINUTES to answer each question on video without any…

Opportunity to see the question!


The option to re-record!

(My palms were literally sweating!)

I somehow managed to articulate the business I want to create…


Sounds CRAZY right?



Absolutely NOT!


Well read on and you’ll find out…

First, I need to give you a basic understanding of what chronic illness is!

People, just like YOU and ME, around the world are suffering every single day from chronic illnesses such as:

– Depression (300 million people)

– Anxiety (40 million people in the U.S. alone)

– PCOS – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (1 in 10 women)

– Thyroid Disorders such as hyper- or hypo-thyroid and Hashimoto’s (200 million people)

While some people with these diagnosis’ live normal lives, MILLIONS struggle daily to get by with simple tasks because it symptoms get in the way AND they get progressively worse as time goes on!

Just imagine that YOU are NOT able to….

– Get out of bed in the morning because you are so drained and weak (physically and/or emotionally).

– Enjoy social activities such as a walk in the park with friends or a picnic with family.

– Be in the sun for too long because your body can’t handle the heat.

– Enjoy eating gluten, dairy, or sugar…ever! Or you will get super sick for up to 14 days!

– Walk even a short distance without your feet cramping and feeling like they are on fire!

– Stand too long without getting dizzy or passing out.

– Move because every nerve ending in your body feels like they’re being poked with hot pins.

– Lose weight because your metabolism works against you and exercise doesn’t help.

– Brush your hair in fear that a gigantic clump will fall out.

– Have children of your own. Share the creation of life with your spouse. Give your parents grandchildren.

Can YOU believe people experience all these symptoms and more?!?

People actually live like this EVERY day!


You are probably wondering with all the latest technology and innovations with modern medicine and pharmacology, why are people still suffering every single day?

Good Question!

It’s not only that these conditions do not have a cure, but the emotional impact of these symptoms are being overlooked in Western Medicine today! The mind-body connection is not being treated!

Let me bring you through the emotions of the diagnosis and treatment process in Western Medicine today…

When you are diagnosed, the first thing you do is research. You try to get your hands on every piece of information about your illness to understand what is wrong with you and what your options are. You search the world wide web to gather all this information, including a glorified list of “possible” symptoms.

Right now, you are only suffering from 2 or 3 symptoms; but after reading the list of 12 possible symptoms, your subconscious mind kicks in and stores these possibilities. Over the next year or so, you develop more and more of these symptoms from that list!

So the question is…

Are you really getting worse?

Is it your subconscious playing against you?

Is it a combination of both?

On top of the physical symptoms you are suffering from with your chronic illness, there is a heaping mess of emotional symptoms that I like to call Bonus Symptoms!


– Doctors who don’t listen or brush off your symptoms

– Misdiagnosis

– Prolonged diagnosis process

– Side effects from medications that make you sicker or cause another illness


– Did I do this to myself?

– Could I have done something differently?

– Could I have prevented this illness?


– Treatments not working

– Not making any progress when following directions

– Missing out on special events with friends and family


– That you can’t do everything “healthy people” can do

– People don’t believe you’re sick because you don’t “look” sick

– People thinking you’re faking your illness

– Having to cancel plans because you don’t have any energy left

All of these emotions build up in your body, latching on to organs, eroding your insides like battery acid!

These trapped emotions are damaging your body; making your symptoms worse and even causing additional illnesses!

What if I told you there was a way to alleviate your symptoms by identifying and releasing the trapped emotions that are causing them?

The frustration.

The pain.

The shame.

What if it was as easy as tapping on specific points on your body?

So how do we release these emotions?

In 2012, I met a Ukrainian energy healer by chance while shopping for beautiful crystals to add to my mineral collection. We started talking and she mentioned that she uses a self-acupressure technique to release trapped emotions. She continued to explain how different pressure points on your body are correlated to specific organs in your body; something I was familiar with having dabbled in Eastern Medicine studies, but that we also tend to hold onto our emotions in specific areas of our bodies and by tapping on these points, while saying certain phrases or mantras, you can release the emotions, permanently. And after just one session with her, I was hooked. I was calmer and more collected. I still had the memories, but I had released the negative emotions.

“Even though, I feel frustration in my chest, I love and accept myself, just as I am.”

This method is called EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. The clinical research meets the Division 12 Standards set by the American Psychological Association (APA) as a treatment modality and is quickly taking over methods such as EMDR to treat PTSD, anxiety, over eating, and more in a clinical setting.

See research here.

EFT peels back your emotions and memories, like layers of an onion, getting to the subconscious reasoning behind your actions, responses, and triggers. It reaches that one core memory, usually from childhood, that causes a chain effect of repeating behaviors. Until we identify, acknowledge, and release this core memory and the attached emotion, we can never truly heal ourselves.

About the Founder

I am Chelsea Sposit, CT, a licensed medical professional since 2008, with a passion for helping those suffering from chronic illness look and feel their best. Previously, I specialized in medical grade skincare and permanent hair removal for patients with endocrine disorders, skin grafts, and other medical conditions, as well as cosmetic concerns.

To view my full resume please visit my LinkedIn profile.

I owned and operated a successful medical spa in Beachwood, Ohio since 2014. I only recently closed my practice due to an injury last October to my right eye that impacted my vision and I can no longer perform these intricate procedures. This has been a heartbreaking experience for me as I loved what I did, had amazing patients, and put a lot of time, money and energy into my practice. I am truly grateful for both of my parents for supporting me emotionally and financially since my injury 8 months ago.

New Beginnings

I am incredibly excited to embark on my new journey as one of ONLY 70 students accepted to the inaugural class for Healthcare Innovation at MIT and Harvard Medical School! My vision of helping others live their best lives possible is about to become a reality! Patient care as we know it is about to be disrupted! Healthcare is about to be disrupted!

Please DONATE NOW to my tuition costs if you…

– Want to help others help themselves!

– Have ever been diagnosed with a medical condition, illness, or chronic disease!

– Have ever seen a loved one suffer with any illness!

– Are frustrated with the medical care you have been given!

– Are worried about the health of our children and future generations!

– Been in a situation where life throws you a curveball and you needed help from compassionate others!

– Want to see the world a better place with a little less physical and emotional suffering!

– Want to be a part of “history-in-the-making!”

P.S. It took a great deal of courage and humility along with lots of EFT work to release my anxiety and fears around asking you for donations! But I did it! (See EFT really does work!) And I hope that you believe in my protocol as much as I do!

P.P.S. I am looking forward to sharing the behind-the-scenes journey to MIT and Harvard Medical School with you! Please follow me on Instagram to see the creation and launch of my healing protocol for those suffering from chronic illness! I want YOU to be a part of my journey!

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